CFP World Cup Event 2024

Hello Curvers! This year we are going to be hosting the 3rd Official World Cup, with many tournaments and prizes held during this event!

🚧 How this works


There will be a series of 6 events, starting from the 10th of February with a tournament every 2 to 3 weeks. All teams will play the first 5 events, trying to qualify for the 6th final event.

The best 3 performances from the 5 events will count towards the final scoring, so it is not necessary for a team to play all 5 tournaments.

All events will be designed for 4 players or less. In events involving teams of 4, teams are allowed to swap in a  5th player at any time. Swaps are not allowed in other events once the tournament started.

Team forming:

Players will form teams of up to 7 players FROM THEIR REGION (see details below). A region may have more than one team from it.

In order for a player to be eligible for Winner rewards, that player needs to have participated in at least 3 World Cup events out of six.

If a player is unwell or has decided that they will be unavailable for the rest of the World Cup, their team may use a player swap to change that player for another. The new player must be from the same region. 

Teams are allowed only ONE player swap throughout the whole duration of the World Cup, thus once a team member is replaced by another, that player can not rejoin that team. 

If a team decides that they will make the player swap, the new player must be clarified 30 minutes before one of the events. Player swaps are NOT allowed during events. 

🏆 Tournaments

WC Tournament 1: Saturday 10th February 20:00 CET 

WC Tournament 2: Sunday 25th February 20:00 CET

WC Tournament 3: Saturday 9th March 20:00 CET

WC Tournament 4: Sunday 31st March 20:00 CET

WC Tournament 5: Saturday 20th April 20:00 CET

WC Finals: Sunday 12th May 20:00 CET

More information about the tournaments will follow with announcements.

🗺️ Regions

Region 1: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Andorra, Monaco, Spain, Portugal, UK, Ireland + Latin America + Africa

Region 2: Switzerland, Italy, Vatican, San Marino, Malta, Austria, Czechia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Greece, Albania, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Belarus, Cyprus, Slovakia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Poland + West Asia + Parts of Central & South Asia

Region 3: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Russia + Parts of Central & South Asia + East Asia + South East Asia + Oceania 

Region 4: USA, Canada.

📝 Team Finding / How can I sign up?

Finding teammates is up to the players. The best way will be for you to ask other players yourself to find out which regions they are from or if they would be interested in participating to the World Cup.

Sign up as a single player: You can sign up as a single player on our Discord server by posting in the channel #wc-teamfinding. You can also sign up by filling in the form at the bottom of this page, and you will be put on the looking for team list on the Curve Fever Pro Discord server. It is considerably easier to find teammates via our Discord server.

Sign up as a team: Complete teams can sign up through Discord in the channel #wc-signup. There is no other way to sign up as a team, as we need at least one team member to be present on Discord where all the main announcements will be made.

🪙 Prizes

There will be no distribution of crowns during the first 5 events, but only gems. There will be a crown for each player from the winning team for the final tournament, which will be a MIXED MODES tournament.  

Participation reward

All of the events will have the 10 gems per round system and teams can not be eliminated from playing in the next event, so just by playing all of the 5 events before the finals, players are guaranteed around 200-400 gems. 

Podium rewards

Additional rewards will be granted to some teams according to their ranking in individual tournaments:

Additionally there are rewards for the top 3 teams.
The amount of gems depends on the amount of participants.

Final Tournament
🥇800 gems + Champion crown + Exclusive World Cup avatar
🥈500 gems
🥉200 gems 

Tour Qualifiers
🥇50 gems
🥈25 gems
🥉0 gems 


Can I register a team of 4 or less players?
Yes, however it is recommended to sign up in teams of 5, 6 or 7, so that each team can have 1-3 players on the bench, so that they can rotate between or during events when allowed. 

Can I register a team after the World Cup has already started?

Yes, even though the remaining events become more critical for your team. Your qualification score is based on the sum of the best 3 event scores so it might even be theoretically possible to qualify for the finals even if you only played 2 events.

Can my team join a team event if we are less than 4 players available?

Yes, you may be at a disadvantage without a full team, however this is partly compensated as the missing teammates will still count for half the average points in the match. (E.g. 300 avg points per player in the match = 150 points for your missing teammate in a teams match)

🗣️ Organization

ecliptic/Rosarali, ambroz37, Arisu, POISENIVY, Conchord

🌍🌎🌏 See you at the World Cup 2024 🌍🌎🌏

Until then, happy curving!