2 vs. 2 Save Your Buddy Tournament

14.07.2024 19:00 CEST (CHANGED!!)


We are bringing back an all time favourite of ours, Save Your Buddy! 

If you don't know how it works, simply there will be 1 Attacker and 1 Defender where only the defender's points counts, hence the title of this tournament. The attacker must attack the opponent's defender to stop them from getting higher points than your own defender. 

Since this is a 2 vs. 2, the score will be set on High so it doesn't feel as fast 

⚙️ Game settings

📅 Schedule

🏆 Prizes

Participation reward

Every participant will receive 10g/round for the first 3 rounds (Rounds 1, 2, and 3)

Podium rewards

Additionally there are rewards for the top 3 players.
The amount of gems depends on the amount of participants.

0-24 players
🥇100 gems
🥈50 gems
🥉25 gems 

25-44 players
🥇150 gems + champion crown, title & avatar
🥈100 gems
🥉50 gems 

45-59 players
🥇200 gems + champion crown, title & avatar
🥈150 gems
🥉100 gems 

60+ players
🥇300 gems + champion crown, title & avatar
🥈200 gems
🥉100 gems 

🗣️ Organization

Ambroz37, Arisu, ecliptic, Frax, Nightmare, POISENIVY, hohoho, & Dragon.exe8085

⛔ Rules
Please read the following rules carefully! (by signing up and participating you agree to these rules)





📝 Sign-up

Use one of the following ways to sign up:

By signing up, you automatically agree to the rules above!

❗  When signing up, you must say who the defender will be. During tournament, you have the free reign to change defenders. In case of both players using passives, the defender will be the one that is signed up from the beginning when saying the defender.