Tournaments are hosted by tour hosts and organized by our tournament crew.
Usually there will be one tournament each month.

The basics of a tournament is just that you play in brackets against other players.
There will always be multiple rounds and each round some players might drop out.
In the end there will be a final for the remaining players and the winning players will get rewards

How does the tournament work?

To make the process easier, please take some minutes to read all of this carefully :)

To sign up for any official tournaments being hosted, there is a channel in the Discord server; #tournament-sign-up where you can sign up for the tournament. 

The tour crew will mainly use Discord as a primary way of communication, so join the Discord by clicking on the link above!

Keen on being interested with tournaments?


When the tour hosts are hosting an official tournament, it will be announced in the following places:

Tournaments are usually played on either a Saturday or a Sunday normally around 19:00 CET / CEST or 20:00 CET / CEST 

To know when the tournament starts in your time zone, you can use this time converter to help you out. 

Signing up

After a tournament has been announced, you can sign up for the tournament. 

Here are the ways you can sign up for any official tournaments being hosted:

Signing out

If you wish to sign out from a tournament, please mention so in #tournament-sign-up or contact a tour host / tour helper that you are out. This helps us with schedule planning and choosing which schedule is most viable for the tournament.

Attendance confirmation

The tour crew will always try to confirm attendance normally 1 or 2 hours before the tournament starts to help see who are available to play the tournament and allows us to choose which schedule to use and may allow any relevant changes to the schedule. 


The signups are likely to close few hours before the tournament starts and the schedule will be posted in #tournament-announcements and in the tour post generally 30 minutes before tournament. 

There may also be a Tournament Betting Form which allows all players to bet for some in-game rewards.

To help you find where you are at, once you have opened the schedule, on PC you can use the command Ctrl + F and type in your username. For any players that are playing on Macs, you can use ⌘+F.

Playing in the tournament

As the tournament starts, you would need to find which room you are in the schedule. Tournament rooms are played in custom games and the modes are dependent on what the tournament concept is. 

Once you have finished your tour game, the winner of the room must post the results in #tournament-results using the command !lm ~username~ 

After the tournament

Once the tournament has been completely played, rewards will be given out to participants and a video of the finals will soon be posted by our Social Content Creators

Important notes

This is not a TLDR. Please read all the information above to familiarise yourself on how the tournament works. 


All official Curve Fever tournaments are subject to this disclaimer without exclusion. In order to keep tournaments organized and more enjoyable for everyone: Once the signup deadline is reached; no changes are made to its content that may be rules, the player list (no switches are allowed.), times and days mentioned. Players must keep to the starting times of matches and as mentioned in the posts. You must post results of each match in discord #tournament-results. Please read on how to sign up by reading the information above.  After confirming your attendance you must show up in time, if you fail to do so you may receive punishments for any upcoming tournament(s). 

Good luck, have fun and happy curving <3