Tips to improve performance

If you’re having lag (bad performance) then here you can find some tips that might improve it.

Recommended browser

For the best performance we recommended using  Chrome 16
This guide is also mainly aimed towards the Chrome browser, however other browsers will have similar settings.

Video settings

In the settings menu (cog weel) you can change your quality settings.
There are several settings that can be tweaked.
By default the quality is set automatically but if your game looks terrible or if you have bad performance the auto settings should be turned off to manually override the settings.

Resolution scale

This changes the resolution the game is rendered at.
It can have a big impact on the performance if you scale it down.
Scaling it up can result in better looking graphics.

Quality multiplier

This is changes the overall rendering quality of the game rendering.
Reduce the multiplier to improve performance slightly.

Shadows, Particles, Anti-Aliasing

These settings can be turned on or off.
The amount of performance gain really defers per device and/or graphics card so just toggle them on/off and see if you get better performance or not.

Hardware Acceleration

Browsers some times turns this off, it’s really recommended to have this on to get way better performance.

Go to chrome://settings (type this in your address bar)
Then on the bottom select show advanced and search for System and ‘Use hardware acceleration’.
Make sure this is turned on.
If you go to chrome://gpu you can see if it’s enabled or not. (and there might be other issues shown here)

Performance mode

In your PC settings make sure energy saving is off and you have it set to optimized for performance.

Guest account on browser

By logging in as guest you will not have any extensions and/or plugins.
Not all browsers have this feature but if it does it’s recommended to use this.
It really depends on how many and which extensions you have enabled but it can drastically improve performance.

In the top bar click your user and select Guest.
Alternatively you can click Manage People and create a new user/person for CFP.

Play the game in incognito window

This is similar to the point above but if your browser has no user management this another way to get similar results.
By playing the game in incognito extension/plugins are disabled by default.
Extensions/plugins can really consume a lot of processing power some times.

Play in windowed mode

By having a smaller window there is less pixels to render.
If you’re playing in windowed mode you can easily make the window smaller to reduce the screen size.
This can be used in combination with the quality settings so that you can make it not look blurry (HIGH) but still get good performance by playing in a smaller window.

Monitor refresh rate

Make sure your monitor’s refresh rate is set as high as possible.
The rendering of the game uses this, so if it’s set to 30 Hz it will render the game at 30fps.
Guide for windows: 13
Guide for Mac: Go to System preferences- Monitor

Use dedicated graphics card

Often the browser uses the integrated graphics card instead of the dedicated graphics card.
This only applies if you have a dedicated graphics card. (external GPU)
For Chrome you can write chrome://gpu in the address bar to see what GPU is used. (search for GL_RENDERER)



For some further improvements you can try use the following GPU settings if you have an NVIDIA card.

Update graphic card drivers

Please always make sure you have the latest drivers for your graphic card.